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Women in Franchising

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Oct 24, 2018 2:37:19 PM



It’s no wonder that franchisors are noticing all the skills and qualities that women can bring to a franchise and help it grow. They’ve realized just how much of an asset qualified women in franchising can be.

Women Franchisees Know How to Bring It

Women in franchising may still be uncommon. But the findings in a Franchise Business Review indicate that they have many assets that franchisors should take notice of. It turns out women thrive in franchising, thanks to their ability to prioritize, organize, improvise, network, make decisions, communicate, and multi-task.

Women Focus on Relationships

Traditional business heads tend to focus on results. But women bosses understand that cultivating relationships is what produces a successful team. That focus enables them to develop solutions that meet the needs of both the team and the organization. Women who operate healthy franchising systems run their organization like a family with quality relationships that endure. But then, those much sought after results do come.

Women Know How to Network

Women are typically social creatures. So they are well connected and involved in their communities. That involvement leads them to rally volunteers and promote positivity within local schools, charities, and non-profit causes. Those connections spur women to want to continue helping their community improve. They do that by using their business acumens, which include being creative, responsive, and organized to market their messages. It’s those philanthropic, connective, and encouraging attitudes that endear customers to women in franchising.

Women Know How to Make Decisions

It’s true that numerous franchises are solely women-owned. But it’s also common for husband-and-wife teams to run franchises. But even then, research shows that as with the family, women tend to make decisions regarding a variety of situations. It’s that decision-making ability that allows women in franchising to get things done and keep a business moving forward.


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