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Eight Great Reasons to Invest in a Cleaning Franchise

Posted by Christopher Chapman on Aug 5, 2020 11:24:01 AM

So you want to be a business owner. If you have ever researched franchising, you’ll know there’s a dizzying array of options available, each with different pros and cons. Here we offer eight great reasons to consider the humble, yet high-growth potential and very low-risk option of buying into a home cleaning franchise.

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Think You Can’t Afford a Franchise? Have You Looked at Low-Cost Franchises?

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Feb 26, 2020 12:04:27 PM

A common myth is that it’s very expensive to buy any type of franchise business, when the truth is that there are many low-cost franchises that don’t require huge up-front investments. Because they are more affordable, these franchise systems enable a broader and more diverse group of entrepreneurs to break into franchise ownership and become successful business owners.

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6 Advantages of Owning a Home Cleaning Franchise

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Jan 21, 2020 2:26:07 PM

In your quest for the perfect franchise business, don’t forget about home cleaning franchises. With so many options to choose from, we know it can be challenging to decide which industry is right for you. And even when you’re leaning toward a specific industry, have  you really weighed all the pros and cons? For instance, will the industry you’ve selected realistically provide you with the opportunity to be successful, while still allowing you the free time to balance other responsibilities, like caring for a family?

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Franchises vs. Startups

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Dec 16, 2019 3:44:22 PM

If owning a business is one of your main goals, you may have questioned which is the best route to business ownership – franchises vs. startups. After all, outside of family succession, these are two of the most common ways entrepreneurs become business owners.

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How to Find the Best Franchises for Veterans

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Dec 11, 2019 12:37:32 PM

Do Veterans Make Good Franchisees?

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It's Entrepreneurship Month: Have You Thought About Starting Your Own Business?

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Nov 22, 2019 1:55:46 PM

What Is Entrepreneurship Month?

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Over 50 Franchises vs. Retiring

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Oct 2, 2019 5:39:07 PM

Have you noticed that over 50 franchises are a thing? That’s right. An increasing number of older Americans are purchasing franchises instead of retiring. Whether it’s out of necessity, because the cost of living is higher and their retirement savings don’t stretch as far, or because they want to remain active and productive longer, many older Americans are finding fulfillment and the income to support a better lifestyle through franchise ownership.

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4 Business Financing Options for Purchasing a Franchise Business

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Aug 16, 2019 2:37:06 PM

If you want to purchase a franchise business but aren’t sure how you’ll come up with enough money, here we’ll cover four business financing options that you might want to consider.

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Key Things to Consider When Searching for the Best Franchise Brands for Couples

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Aug 1, 2019 2:17:43 PM

If you want to build something great with your life partner, outside of your personal relationship, we have some awesome tips to help you find the best franchise brands for couples.

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Running a Franchise with Work-Life Balance

Posted by Lisa Monroe on Jul 8, 2019 10:46:21 AM

If you want to run your own business but still have a healthy work-life balance, buying a franchise may be the ideal solution.

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