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8 Reasons to Invest in a Cleaning Franchise

Posted by Maddi Park on Sep 7, 2016 1:52:04 PM

 If you have ever researched franchising, you’ll know there’s a large array of options available. Here we are eight great reasons to consider buying  a home cleaning franchise.


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No. 1: Every household in the world requires regular cleaning to hold its value. 

No. 2: People need to clean their homes regardless of seasons, business cycles, and shifts in popular trends.

No. 3: You can get started for just tens vs. hundreds of thousands that you might need to invest in a well-branded restaurant or retail franchise. 

No. 4: The majority of cleaning franchise clientele will be regular, recurring business. This allows your business to steadily grow over time.

No. 5: Take weekends and holidays off, plus the occasional extended vacation.

No. 6: The standard accepted practice is for cleaning franchise customers is to pay at the time of service. 

No. 7: While cleaning safely, effectively, and efficiently takes considerable knowledge, the capabilities are easily created via training and quality control processes. 

No. 8: Why not just start a cleaning business on your own? Plenty of people do this, but they often end up working much harder than they expected and growing only slowly or not at all. This happens because they either get bogged down in cleaning versus running and expanding their business.

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Buying into the right cleaning franchise gives you instant access to important business building blocks such as tele-sales; marketing strategy and materials; tools for employee recruitment and training; technology; and, most important, a community of likeminded business owners who face all the same challenges, collaborate and share information, and support one another.



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