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9 Tips For Hiring Successful Sales Employees

Posted by Maddi Park on Nov 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Your business is open, your marketing is active, but your sales aren't closing as fast as you would like. MaidPro understands that without successful sales employees your company won't grow. Katherine Dougherty, Director of the National Sales Center, is here to help by sharing her 9 Tips For Hiring Successful Sales Employees. Watch the video or read the blog below!


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1. Importance of Personality

If you love talking to your potential employee during their interview process then your customers will too. Sales skills can be taught, personality... not so much!

2. Hire "People-People"

Look for employees who are social and outgoing. Your customers will feel their love and be more inclined to finish the sale.

3. Communication is Key 

Good communication skills are vital for your sales team. These skills will ensure that they can successfully communicate your product or service to your customers. 

4. Check Their Résumé

Look for employees who have prior sales experience but don't let it make or break your decision. 

5. Trust Falls

Ask questions about integrity during the interview process. You want someone who you can trust your business with and don't be afraid to follow up with references.

6. Put Me in Coach

Hire employees who are coachable. There are a lot of moving pieces in business sales and you'll want a two-way support system between you and your sales team.

7. Focus on Goals

Hire employees who consider themselves go-getters. Motivated sales employees are more likely to meet their goals and quotas.  

8. Only Rock Stars Need Apply

Ask interview questions about a situation where they have gone above and beyond in the workplace. You want employees on your team who will go the extra mile for you, your customers, and their fellow co-workers. 

9. Presentation Matters

Hire only if they show up dressed to impress. This helps to maintain a professional environment that encourages results and cohesiveness.

Take control of your sales team, not the other way around. Hiring successful employees shouldn't make you want to pull your hair out. Use these tips from MaidPro and watch as your growing team starts closing more sales than ever before. Good luck! 

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MaidPro offers their franchisees access to the MaidPro National Sales Center. The National Sales Center is staffed with sales professionals ready to answer prospective customer calls, providing details on pricing, services, and schedules seven days a week. Learn more about our National Sales Center here!


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