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Four Reasons Your Cleaning Business Isn’t Growing

Posted by Maddi Park on Feb 23, 2017 9:05:00 AM


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Is your home cleaning business not growing fast enough for your taste — or not at all? There are dozens of possible reasons, but these four are among the biggest:


You’re not sure who to hire. There’s a very specific set of personality traits that make people great house cleaners —  people to whom your clients will be undyingly loyal (engendering high rates of retention and recurring business), who they’ll be inclined to tip generously (helping you hang on to great employees who you’ve invested in training), and who customers will praise and recommend to friends and family (generating lots of new referral business). If you’re failing on any of these measures, you are likely hiring the wrong types of people.  


Your scheduling isn't efficient. When you have just a few cleaning clients, it’s easy to schedule jobs, to handle cancellations, lockouts, employee sick and vacation days, holidays, and so forth. But as your customer and employee bases grow, scheduling can become tough. If you’re selling the wrong cleaning frequencies and/or lack sophisticated scheduling capabilities, you may find yourself either turning away business or losing customers frustrated due to poor customer service.


You’re not consistently training cleaners and holding them to professional standards. Most people can make a home look clean – at least for a short time. Few know how to clean in ways that make a house truly be and stay clean between service calls. As with scheduling, employee training becomes much more difficult as a cleaning business grows, while failing to train consistently creates problems with quality control, leading to high attrition.  


You’re confused about business performance metrics. There are so many different things you can measure to understand how your business is performing. However, in residential cleaning there are three surprising KPIs that are very strong indicators of long-term growth potential and which must inform how you price your services, direct marketing dollars and sales effort, and diagnose and correct employee and management problems.

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