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Hidden Obstacles of The Home Cleaning Business

Posted by Maddi Park on Mar 21, 2016 5:06:32 PM

Employee Recruitment

aboutus_beliefs.pngFinding the right employees for a home cleaning business is difficult, keeping them is even harder. In the home cleaning business you must have a pipeline full of applicants 24/7. Making sure to find, interview and hire the right people for the job is an art. After, you must be able to train and get them in the field as quickly as possible. Perfecting your recruitment process is necessary in order to keep your employees loyal and happy.

MaidPro's Employee Marketing Specialist specializes in finding the right advertising avenues to get franchisees the best PROs for their businesses. Along with professional recruitment, MaidPro has created an online learning managament tool to help franchisees streamline their employee training.

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Cleaning Products

bottle.jpgIt is almost impossible to keep up with all the cleaning products in the industry. With new products arriving constantly, you will always need to research what is safe, what each surface in the home requires, and which products will give you the most "clean" for your buck.

MaidPro's Chief Cleaning Officer researches cleaning products across the board, builds relationships with vendors and recommends the products to our franchisees that will speed up cleaning time and keep costs minimized. 


Landing Recurring Customers

unnamed-3.pngRecurring customers are going to be your bread-and-butter. One-time cleanings are great, but the inconsistency of their scheduling will be an unreliable source of income. Finding ways to land and keep recurring customers will keep your business growing. 

Consistent schedules, flexible rates and personalized support will keep your customers with you. MaidPro gives franchisees the ability to use our National Sales Center where seasoned sales representatives are on hand to quote and close new customers for your business.


How to start a cleaning business


A Culture of Success

Franchise Friendly & Franchisee Flexible 

MaidPro is 100% different in our approach to business and franchising. Read all the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) you’d like. Study all the websites. Talk to all the sales people you need to talk to. In the end, you’ll see why a MaidPro home cleaning business is by far the best choice.

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