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How to Start a Business During Times of Political Uncertainty

Posted by Maddi Park on May 4, 2017 9:05:00 AM

As global politics become increasingly fraught, it’s understandable that entrepreneurial dreamers on the verge of stepping into business ownership might hesitate. What if:

  • The economy tanks?
  • Social unrest worsens?
  • We go to war?
  • Or some new, unfavorable law comes along?

    If this sounds like your thought process right now, here’s some food for thought that might shift your perspective:


One, nothing is ever certain in business. While the idea of great instability is being amplified across traditional and social media right now, the reality is that economies always rise and fall. Culture evolves. Population demographics shift. Government administrations change, and political power swings from left, through center, to right, and all the way back again, constantly over time. If you’re qualified to be a business owner and leader, you likely already have the capacity to adapt to whatever life sends your way.

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Economic fundamentals are sound. The current economic recovery is in its seventh year, making it the fourth longest since 1850. Consumer confidence is up. Unemployment is down to where it was before the Great Recession. Commercial space is abundant in many local areas. Baby Boomers are retiring, opening more well-paying jobs for Millennials who have delayed forming households and starting families, and that’s a big positive for new home construction, which usually leads growth in retail, services, and other related areas of the economy.


With both the president and Congress also eyeing tax reform and big infrastructure spending legislation, most economic forecasters anticipate strengthening growth in U.S. GDP at least through 2018, followed by only moderate slowing thereafter as the Federal Reserve continues to push interest rates gradually higher. The upshot: It’s a very good time to invest and, if borrowing and/or leasing space for a new business, to lock into low rates and rents before they move higher. Policy climate is strongly pro-business. Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, there’s virtually zero doubt that government is going to be tilting strongly pro-business over the coming 2-4 years at least. 


Opportunity to model cultural values. When times feel so uncertain, it’s easy to slip into fear and powerlessness. Becoming a small business owner is a great opportunity to take back your power. As a business owner, you’ll create jobs in your community; help people to learn and acquire valuable skills; make new personal connections with customers, suppliers, employees, and colleagues; have opportunities to influence local politicians, and, most important, be free to create a business culture that perfectly reflects, models, and projects the values you’d like to see expressed in the society around you.


No time for fear. When you throw your heart and soul into building a new business, you will find that you have far less time and attention for all the anxiety-provoking news that is currently causing you to postpone or rethink your lifelong dream of starting your own business.

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