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Seizing Your Maid Franchise Opportunities

Posted by Maddi Park on Feb 1, 2016 11:22:00 AM

You've always dreamed of owning your own business. You've put it off because you weren't sure where to start or what business was right for you. Whether being an entrepreneur is an old dream or a new venture, there is no better time to take control of your life. Now that you've decided that owning a business is right for you - the next step is discovering what franchise opportunities are best suited for your career, family and financial goals. 

Recognize the opportunities.

MaidPro has franchise opportunities that will capitalize on your desire to be your own boss while still giving you the work-life balance you need. Take a look at some of the franchise opportunities happening through MaidPro:

Choose a business lifestyle.

Owning a business shouldn't be your life - it should be your lifestyle. You've established that you want to work for yourself - saying goodbye to the tough bosses and the ever-changing job market. But running a business is hard work. Having access to a franchise's proven business models give you a much higher rate for success than if you were to start from scratch, and provides support and resources that you may not have on your own.  It is important to choose a business that will work for you and provide the work-life balance you desire.  It is key to consider how many hours a day you want to work, and what lifestyle expectations you have once the business has been established.      

MaidPro understands the importance of work-life balance. When you choose a MaidPro franchise you can finally say goodbye to the corporate life and hello to free nights, weekends and vacations. Imagine a business, your own business, that gives you a normal workday, that lets you take actual time off to enjoy your life, travel and really live.


Decide on the type of franchise.

The next step in seizing your franchise opportunities is deciding what type of franchise you want to own. Franchises come in all shapes and sizes - from food service to gyms, retail to cleaning. Your best bet is to figure out what fits the business lifestyle balance you want. All franchises have different time and investment requirements.

Home cleaning franchise services are still largely untapped, leaving considerable opportunity for entrepreneurs to become part of the growing market.  As our lives continue to become busier and busier, time is a commodity people are willing to pay for. MaidPro and the home cleaning industry have a lot to offer:

  • Steady, recurring revenue
  • No wasted inventory
  • Free nights, weekends
  • Affordable start-up costs
  • A product always in demand


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An investment that fits your budget.

There is an abundance of investment strategies that come with purchasing a franchise. Once you've decided on the type of franchise you want to buy, the next step is determining which of the franchises in your industry are the best buy for your investment budget. To find out the initial investment fees and credit requirements you will want to submit inquiries to request preliminary information from franchisor.  Your options will also depend on the territory availability in your area. Look into all the start-up costs and required real estate - you will not only have to pay the initial franchisee fee but the equipment needed to begin. Be sure do you your research - read into the terms and conditions and reach out to current franchisees to get their reviews on their franchisor.

MaidPro has the flexibility to work with you and your budget. They can guide you through different funding opportunities, including cash & savings, 401k rollover, and business financing. See the infographic below that illustrates where your money will go in the first three months:

Franchise Investment Costs


Getting started.

Now that you've got a grasp on the potential franchise opportunities, the final step is to get started! You've decided on your business lifestyle, your industry, your budget and your franchise. What are you waiting for? Start your research and submit your inquiries. It's time to take control of your future. 

How to start a cleaning business


A Culture of Success

Franchise Friendly & Franchisee Flexible 

MaidPro is 100% different in our approach to business and franchising. Read all the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) you’d like. Study all the websites. Talk to all the sales people you need to talk to. In the end, you’ll see why a MaidPro home cleaning business is by far the best choice.

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