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The Importance of a Work-Life Balance

Posted by Maddi Park on Mar 30, 2016 10:28:58 AM

Is it a necessity or a luxury?

Achieving a work-life balance has become increasingly more important over the past decade. As lives continue to get busier, time is a commodity that people are willing to pay for. The need for balance is directly reflected in the growth of the home cleaning industry.

What's work-life balance?

Home cleaning business owners are able to give clients back the precious moments they need to better live their lives. MaidPro believes those owners and staff deserve to have that work-life balance too.

Work-life balance is a concept that integrates one’s work duties and lifestyle needs. The term “balance” does not represent a literal split of hours, but instead the ability for one to uphold their responsibilities from all parts of their life.

MaidPro incorporates this into its corporate culture through flexibility and freedom. Whether it is access to a gym or the ability for owners to create their own schedules, we understand that allowing individuals to create their own balance promotes an overall healthier environment.


While being able to incorporate personal needs into office routines is a viable way to introduce awork-life balance, the same goes for the ability to step away from work. As technology continues to evolve it has become easier for people to work remotely and more difficult for them to be ever be away. Encouraging breaks from work allows people to take the time to refresh and eliminates the chance of them feeling overworked, inefficient and ultimately burned out.

Owning a home cleaning business, in particular MaidPro, means free nights and weekends and more time to enjoy your life. You'll have a home office staff ready to support you whenever you need it and you'll feel great knowing that everyone, because of their work-life balance, is happy, healthy and pro-you!

"Here at MaidPro, we focus on work-life integration programs and benefits. By integrating the personal and professional needs of our employees, whether it be exercise, nutrition, home cleaning or flexible schedules, our home office team is able to have those needs taken care of and can better focus on the work they love to do."




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