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Why You Don't Need Corporate America

Posted by Maddi Park on Apr 5, 2016 10:26:52 AM

We probably don't need to give you a list of reasons why corporate America stinks. Aside from the inflexibility, conformity, office politics and, of course, your boss, you've probably gone stir crazy with the mindless tasks and florescent lights. At one point, the thought was that the only way for you to become successful was to work in a corporation. The truth is, that's no longer valid. Now you can achieve the same or greater success working for yourself than you ever could working for "the man."

Job Security

Potentially the biggest fear in the corporate world, whether you're hitting your quotas or not, is the fear of losing your job. Job security is scarce in a world where everyone is always looking to save a dime. One day you're safe and the next you're job is being outsourced, restructured or being replaced by robots.

Your current company doesn't owe you anything so why should you give them the power to take away everything? The good news is, you don't need to live with that fear forever. When you choose to work for yourself, you're in charge of the hiring/firing. Life becomes more than just whether you're employed or not. If becomes about what you're doing and the differences you are making.

At first when you choose to start your own business it may seem hard to shake that "I'm alone' feeling. However, when you start your own business with a franchise, in particular MaidPro, you will be given policies, procedures and real-time advice on finances, strategy and the like to keep you feeling secure until your business is off the ground.


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The Clock

Clocked in, clocked out - it's really all the same. When your co-workers are able to reach you at all hours of the day and night, you're expected to respond. Vacation, hospital beds, weekends, kid's recitals...deadlines need to be met without any regard to your health or privacy. 

Just imagine, leaving the working treadmill and being able to create your own schedule, one that works best for your lifestyle. You won't have anyone monitoring your e-mails, your behavior or asking why you didn't edit that report they sent over at midnight. Less pettiness, more flexibility and way more productivity.

That timesheet is no longer relevant. Your time is your money. You can put in as little or as much as you like. Without the constant, over-the-shoulder monitoring, you're free to make your own decisions. As you do so, you can build a custom network of business partners that are interested and invested in your success.

Corporate Taxi

As much as you like to think you are controlling your career, you're not. You're on a corporate taxi ride that is bound to end eventfully, and the fare? Years and years of your life. Lack of empowerment and recognition will plague you until you realize that no matter how much you care about your job, it doesn't care about you.

That can all change once you decide that enough is enough. You don't need to be an expert business owner or have some "life-altering" idea to start working for yourself. Business opportunities, especially with a franchise, allows you to enter business ownership with support from experienced staff and mentors. It's like having that corporate structure you find comfort in, without all the other BS. 

And without those damn florescent lights.  

You don't need corporate America to be successful. You can run your life and run a business at the same time. As you develop and grow you won't need to compromise your morals to conform to someone else's standards of business. There are opportunities available that will give you the structural backbone you're used to and the freedom you're longing for. 

MaidPro is the perfect blend of anti-corporate, successful business and pro-you! 


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