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Opening a Cleaning Franchise in Canada

Posted by Maddi Park on Apr 20, 2017 9:05:00 AM

You’ve decided that corporate life just isn’t for you. You’ve taken and passed a few of those "Are you an Entrepreneur?" self quizzes with flying colors. You’ve dug deep into the advice, pros and cons of starting your own business and are thinking you might be well-suited for a franchise venture. You have researched all different types of franchising opportunities and are thinking: ‘Hey, a home cleaning franchise sounds really great!'

Now it’s time to choose which home cleaning franchise is right for you personally. If you live in Canada, you might want to start by looking at home cleaning franchise companies that are also members of the Canadian Franchise Association. This excellent post on Thirteen Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise in Canada (by Tony Wilson) notes that, because the CFA has extensive rules on ethical franchising, it’s a great idea to ask potential franchisors if they belong (and, if not, why?)

 Now that you’ve got a universe of potential home cleaning franchises in Canada to consider, you can take it a bit further and see which home cleaning franchises come highly recommended by the industry experts there. Perhaps you noticed our MaidPro logo in the Top Franchisors in Canada?



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The next question you might ask is: Are there any serious risks or drawbacks to choosing a U.S.-based home cleaning franchise to operate in Canada? Let us assure you we are very serious about building our brand presence in Canada. We already have MaidPro locations across the Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia provinces and are fully committed to expanding into other Canadian provinces as well.

Sure, there may be some risk in being the first MaidPro to open in your province or region. But, as our other locations show, we know how to break into new markets and will be there helping you every step of the way. What’s more, any risk you assume will be offset by the opportunity you gain in building your own territory in an unsaturated market. Unlike other franchises, MaidPro does not use rigid formulas for defining territories; rather, we work with each owner to understand what makes the most sense in their regions and local markets.

When you succeed - and your personal business and marketing coaches have a vested interest in seeing that you do – you’ll also have first crack at expanding your reach and adding new locations if being a multi-unit operator is something to which you aspire.

 Other things that make MaidPro special? We’re a close-knit, quirky, fun community of franchise owners and home-office personnel who communicate often and support each other in many ways each day. We take big adventure trips together. We’ve even started a global community fundraising and outreach effort, called MaidPro Cares, with one of our most successful Canadian owners being a prime mover in bringing the organization to life.


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To learn more about MaidPro in Canada, and to have us put you in touch with Canadian single-and multi-unit owners for one-on-one talks, just fill out the contact form here and we’ll be in touch!

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